Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

An unspoilt wilderness

Traverse vast expanses of miombo woodland, lush rainforest, riverine and grasslands.

The Nkhotakota Wildife Reserve – Malawi’s oldest protected area

The reserve is 30km west of Lake Malawi. It is the oldest and least-developed reserve in Malawi and also the largest, at 700 square miles (1800 square km). Rugged terrain is crossed by a number of rivers and our guests traverse in miombo woodland, tall grassland and lush areas of pristine rainforest.

Bird viewing is exceptional, with over 280 species identified and Birdlife International has rated it an ‘area of special interest’.

Elephant, antelope, monkeys are viewed often and lion, leopard and buffalo are also known to inhabit the reserve. Managed by African Parks, the wildlife viewing is improving for the re-introduction of species and are also becoming more accustomed to the non-threatening, human observers.