Gone Fishing

Rod in hand, relax by the river...

Enjoy superb fly fishing and freshwater fishing the whole year round on the banks of the scenic Bua River.

Cast off in the wilderness…

Our location right on the banks of the Bua River is perfect for fishing enthusiasts. The river is famous for the Mpasa or Lake Salmon that run up stream from Lake Malawi. Fly-fishing is recommended for the Lake Salmon and other fish are easily caught with hook and bait.

Fishing excursions involve a short hike or canoe to the perfect spot and, once guests are satisfied with their catch, they can enjoy a well-earned picnic. Fish can be caught from April to October. The best time to catch the Lake Salmon, is from May to July. In keeping with our sustainability ethos, all caught fish are released back into the river

Fish in the Bua river:

  • Chambo fish
    The Chambo fish, is one of Malawi’s favourite food sources.
  • Catfish
    Catfish weighing up to 30kg, have been found in the river. These carnivorous fish even feed, on baby crocodile!
  • Mpasa or Lake Salmon
    The silver-coloured Lake Salmon is one of the most common fish in the river. The record for the heaviest catch at Tongole, is 3kg!
  • Nkholokolo or Spotted Rock-Catfish
    A spotted spotted fish with sharp spines.
  • Paper-mouth fish / Silverfish
    A fish that is regularly caught, especially using earthworms as bait and floating fishing hooks.
  • Redeye Labeo / Ningwi or Mbununu fish
    The redeye, unusually, uses its mouth and broad pectoral fins to climb over obstacles like rocks and weirs, when it migrates upstream to breed.