Cultural experiences

Meet the local Malawian community

For a different kind of experience take a guided excursion to the meet the local community.

School visits

Take a trip to local village community and learn more about the Tongole Foundation; the community support and children’s charity programme set up by the Tongole Wilderness Lodge which supports three schools (with an aim to include more).

Visit the local schools and experience first-hand the positive impact that the Tongole Foundation is achieving and the corresponding affects on the local community.

Guests occasionally bring books, pens and pencils for the children which are always very happily received!

Local culture

The indigenous Malawian community has a strong tradition in arts and crafts, particularly basket-weaving and other woven goods. Guests may have the chance to watch the locals at work and the opportunity to purchase gifts.

An important part of Malawian culture is music and dance. Traditional dances are occasional seen by our guests if the locals are celebrating!