Bird safaris

Tongole Wilderness Retreat is a bird watchers paradise!

The Nkhotakota Wildife Reserve is home to over 280 species and classified as an ‘Important Bird Area’ by Birdlife International.

Enjoy some of the most varied birdlife in East Africa

The riverside location of the lodge guarantees an abundance of fishing birds, like giant kingfishers and black storks.

Many species of owls, eagles, egrets, larks, hornbills, sandpipers, herons, cuckoos, swifts, buzzards, cormorants and more have been identified in and around the lodge and the reserve.

Join our passionate birdlife guide for an inspiring bird focussed safari guaranteed to satisfy experienced birders! The gentle morning tour in the reserves varied biomes ensures great and varied bird viewing. Your knowledgeable guide will assist in identifying many species not only by their visual characteristics but also recognising their song, habits and diet.