More animals introduced to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

This week the Tongole Wilderness Retreat team is delighted to the news that more wildlife is being translocated to the reserve this July, 2022.  800 animals are in the process of being reintroduced into the reserve, which will comprise; Buffaloes, Sable antelope, Impala and Hippo from Liwonde National Park in the southern part of the country.  

The Nkhota kota Wildlife Reserve is managed by African Parks since 2015. African Parks started the process of restocking the reserve with 500 elephants and 2,000 assorted other species.  Their promise is a simple but ambitious one: to fully “restore” Nkhota kota in the near future through additional reintroductions of endemic species including, black rhino, lion and leopards. Just a few days ago, two leopards were sited on the road to Tongole, meaning that leopard occur naturally and are now being spotted more often.

Tongole Wilderness Retreat is located deep inside the Nkhota kota wildlife reserve. It is an exclusive riverside lodge with just five high-end open-fronted suites overlooking the permanent Bua River, a magnet to wildlife activity, getting at peak in the dry season (August – early December). The retreat is the recipient of multiple awards, including honors for its ecological and community focus.

The Tongole Foundation, an independent charitable arm, is dedicated to working with the local community and protecting the natural habitat and dedicated to running successful education programs along with building and restoring primary school infrastructure with the help of private funding and volunteers. Guests get opportunities to interface with the communities and experience life of the locals and get involved in the communities’ projects.

The ongoing reintroductions of wildlife into the reserve are a big boost for Tongole Wilderness Retreat. This has increased chances of guests viewing the game, in this still developing park.  This pristine, remote and lesser-trodden tranche of well-managed wildernesses like Nkhota kota, is unsullied by over-tourism and need the support of altruistic, socially conscientious and sustainable travelers in our post-pandemic world.   

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