The Tongole Foundation

Lasting, positive community impact...

Tongole Wilderness Retreat is dedicated to uplifting the local community and protecting the natural habitat through sustainable tourism.

The Tongole Foundation

People in the Nkhotakota district of Malawi live in extreme poverty. The aim of the Tongole Foundation is to meet the social, economic and environmental needs of some of the most vulnerable communities. This is achieved through education, training and employment, whilst also encouraging the protection of the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. In order to protect vulnerable and rare natural habitats, it is crucial to involve the local community through demonstrable, benefits.

The Tongole Foundation focuses on two core objectives:

  • To create a sustainable business, Tongole Wilderness Retreat for the provision of critical employment and ongoing training opportunities in an economically deprived area of Malawi.
  • To found a children’s education charity that supports local schools.

A sustainable tourism business – Tongole Wilderness Retreat took more than two years to build and at the time created over 100 jobs for local tradesmen. Once the lodge was complete, more than 30 people from the local community were employed on a full-time basis.   Typically, for every person employed, twenty people are directly affected!

A children’s charity – The Tongole Foundation initially supports three local schools, with long term plans to include more. Currently the foundation works with: The Mwalawatongole F.P. School, Wozi J.P. School and Chankhokwe F.P. School.  Work by the foundation includes vital storm-damage repairs to classrooms and school buildings, mending the roof and installing toilets.

Through employment, education and the promotion of the conservation of endangered species, the foundation reduces poaching in the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve.

Visit for more information.  The Charity was registered in December 2010, Registered Charity Number: 1139568