Responsible Tourism

Dedicated to sustainable tourism

Tongole Wilderness Retreat is committed to operating in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


Tongole employed local tradesmen in the construction of the lodge. Over 100 jobs were created during the two-year period of construction.

The lodge continues to employ staff from the local community, providing significant employment and ongoing training in a very poor region of Malawi.


All building material was sourced locally and is sustainable. Furthermore the lodge was  designed to blend into the natural surroundings.


Hot running water and 240v power is generated by a self-sustainable, solar-powered system.

Low impact safari activities

Tongole Wilderness Retreat advocates low environmental impact activities, to ensure the protection of the area. Most of the safari activities are foot or river-based. Guests observe, rather than chase wildlife.


Wherever possible, food supplies are sourced locally.

The Tongole Foundation

The Tongole Foundation was set up to create a sustainable business with critical employment opportunities and support local schools with its children’s education charity. Find out more about The Tongole Foundation.